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      IT outsourcing, IT outstaffing; 
      Saas, IaaS, PaaS and other product company (cashback, apps dev, game dev, fintech, etc.);
      affiliate marketing specialist or network;
      gambling operator and other high-risk business;
      payment service provider;
      online influencer|blogger;
      blockchain project or ecosystem;
      investment fund;
      working with Envato, Amazon, Google Play, App Store, Steam, YouTube, Facebook, etc.;                                   }

What you get

effective management of legal risks
100% integration into your workflow
guarantee of a business approach

Our values ​​are in line with the Kanban principles such as Understanding, Agreement, Respect, Leadership, Visualizing of Workflow, Customer Focus, Feedback Loops

Areas of Expertise:

corporate structuring and international taxation

business registration and support, advice on international taxation, W-8 BEN, EU VAT, GST, IP box regimes, CFC rules, transfer pricing, CbC reporting, etc.

Meet the Legal Expert

Elena Makarenko
Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish

6+ years of work experience in the niche, Certified Kanban Management Professional, Certified Data Privacy Professional, Master of Intellectual Property, LL.B


We are here to help you!

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Do you provide a full service cycle?

Yes. We work with law firms, auditors, banks, and trusted service providers worldwide, therefore, we could handle the legal support effectively.

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Which locations do you serve?

We service clients from all over the world in English and Russian.

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How the services are calculated?

We guarantee fair pricing. We will discuss your case efficiently to ensure you are well informed on your pricing model (whether it is fixed cost, or time&material, or subscription).

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What are your business hours?

The business hours are 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, we guarantee 24/7 access on case by case basis.


I'm very satisfied and happy with the services. Elena was responsible and quick to take appropriate action to provide me with the process itself and deliverables.

Founder, CEO at Mindbox

I have worked with Elena in the same company. She declared herself to be a high professional with a very accurate understanding of the business and its needs.

CBDO International at LetyShops
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corporate structuring and international taxation
banking and compliance
personal data protection and ePrivacy compliance
IP audit and management
contract drafting, negotiating and management

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